Super Heat Seam Iron

An exceptional seaming iron
with many features that make it
ideal for seaming all carpet types,
including felt backs. 900W heating
element for fast heat up. Tough,
non-stick coating on a ribbed base.
Patented Teflon Carpet Guard
system prevents distortion of
sensitive backings. Cut away at the
front of the iron to ensure backing
is pre-heated. Two light safety indicators; red light ‘caution, power on, iron is hot’. Green indicator lights up when selected temperature is reached. Easily adjusted, top mounted dial for setting temperature with table showing setting and temperature. Three position cable controller allowing trailing cable to be kept out of the way. Super cool handle and sturdy steel tray. Heat Seaming Tape (item 6702B) is designed specifically for use with this iron when seaming felt backs. Seams and seals in one

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