Jubilee® Hose Clips

Jubilee® Hose Clips are the original worm drive hose clips and for more than ninety years the company has supplied both original equipment and resale customers worldwide. From the original patents to the current BS requirements, the company has led the world with consistent high quality product; combined with this is the eye catching point of sale material and practical packaging.

The comprehensive range of products enables users everywhere to be confident that Jubilee® has a clip to suit their application.

With over 90 years experience, we know exactly how to manufacture our clips to deliver the results our customers demand. We have a stringent quality control process - from raw material to finished product - and all product ranges are systematically checked to their various Standards during manufacture and packing.

All Jubilee® products conform to the latest EU Directives; furthermore we aim to work in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible way ensuring that our manufacturing processes conform to environmental legislations. We continue to decrease the effect that our manufacturing output has on the environment and improve our packaging waste year on year, recycling as much as is possible.

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